Sustainable growth as a result of sound financial standing and innovation


Philosophy and strategy of the Freiherren Waitz Group

Even in its eighth generation, the family-owned company with a traditional business model based on diversification continues to rely on sustainable economic success brought about by continued and responsible growth. It focuses on expanding and establishing innovative small and medium-sized companies founded on 'Made in Germany' quality values and expertise as well as on investing in companies and assuming others in this area of business. In addition to continuously offering new innovations, we find that consistently focusing on the needs of the customer and employing qualified and motivated employees are decisive for our company's sustainable success.

Each corporate division and each company or operation in the three business units develops their own  strategy along with their respective customer base, executive management, staff and suppliers, the success of which they are themselves responsible for.

While the operating companies concentrate on their customers, products, suppliers and staff at their locations, all of the tasks required indirectly (controlling, finances, taxes, insurance, accounts receivable management, legal, real estate, etc.) are also fulfilled for the entire Group by Jacob Waitz Support GmbH.