Focus on forest management


The Emmerichshofen forest

The baroque castle, including the Emmerichshofen forest, which originated from a fiefdom of the Mainz Elector and built in 1768, became family property in 1824 and 1835. The estates have been managed to be sustainable since then from the reforestation in the 19th century to the nurturing and care given to the private forest to the exclusive recreational lake resort that was developed in the 1970s.

The Emmerichshofen weekend refuge near Kahl am Main is the result of years of design and landscaping work. The properties that have been cultivated here over the last few decades are each leased for 30 year-periods, whereas the wooden Scandinavian style buildings must be purchased by the previous owners respectively.

The surrounding forest offers a wide range of beech, oak, pine and spruce lumber, both in the form of logs as well as in sections and industrial lumber. Private wood buyers can purchase fire wood. The lakes in the Emmerichshofen forest are used by fishing clubs, which cultivate a diversity of fish species.