Main focus on agriculture

The Winterbüren and Waitzrodt Manors

The Winterbüren Manor has been owned by the family since 1783, and today it also farms the fields ­ belonging to the Waitzrodt Manor, which the family set up around 1800.

Combined, both manors are on around 400 hectares of land, which is used for commercial agriculture and forestry. In addition, as a service, the manors also cultivate the fields of other property owners.


Winterbüren Manor is purely a farm operation. In addition to the typical grain types such as wheat and rye, the farm also cultivates rapeseed,  sugar beets and peas. Oats and elder cultures are farmed based on organic farming principles. Grains, fruits, elderflower and elderberries are cultivated and marketed in close collaboration with regional and supra regional processing and marketing operations, some of which are abroad.

In addition, the manors also cultivate a 50 hectare forest area as well as Christmas tree cultures. During Advent, Christmas tree sales (even such for those who chop down their own trees) and seasonal events for families and companies liven up the manor.

Waitzrodt Manor has been leased out for many years. The leaseholders, the Sommer family, operate a horse farm that is well-known in the region and beyond which was already used as a backdrop for a film shooting.