Successful growth - for over 20 years

The business division Machine Manufacturing

With the objective of adding a long-term entrepreneurial commitment to the already existing divisions Agriculture, Forestry and Real Estate, the Group invested in a series of machine manufacturing companies (or suppliers), or otherwise founded such or took on an equity share in some. As a result of in-depth efforts towards developing innovative products and of consistent developments towards internationalizing the Group, these capital goods manufacturers became globally known market leaders in each of their own market niches.

The principle our companies follow involves analyzing the needs of their customers and markets closely and to find ways to serve those needs. With reliable machines and primary products, they play a decisive role in the value creation of their customers, underlined even more so by offering quick and responsive service, thus guaranteeing high availability of their products. In the meantime, the Machine Manufacturing segment has become the largest and most important part of the Group and there are plans for its expansion based on this.

This division's holding is Jacob Waitz Industrie GmbH located in Kassel. The holding considers itself a strategic investor, the investments of which are being held and developed long-term. Each individual company has been organized to be managed for the most part as independent companies, run by a personally responsible executive manager and which, based on its independent business policy, generates a profit independently.


UNIFLEX of America LLC, Schaumburg, USA

UNIFLEX Latin America, Montevideo, Uruguay

POLYMA Energiesysteme GmbH, Kassel
UNIFLEX Hydraulik GmbH, Karben
UNIFLEX CNC Metalltechnik GmbH, Großalmerode
UNIFLEX Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH, Karben

UNIFLEX Hose Assembly Machines India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

UNIFLEX Hydraulik Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai
Unijoin Machinery Co. Ltd., Shanghai

UNIFLEX Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore
UNIFLEX Hydraulik Asia Holding Pte. Ltd., Singapore

UNIFLEX Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (Rep. Office), Tangerang