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Real estate with sustainable development

Real estate held for the long term, which is rented or leased, with locations in and around Kassel and Frankfurt am Main, forms the second entrepreneurial business area of the Group. In addition, von Waitz Immobilien manages the real estate we hold and use ourselves. With its roots in the 18th century, this area is one of the oldest fields of activity of the group of companies.

Real Estate in Kassel...

We rent apartments, residential buildings, office and retail space and lease land in and around Kassel.

Do you have good ideas to revitalize Kassel's city center with your business or company? Please feel free to contact us.

...and Frankfurt

Our residential buildings are located in the southern Westend, at the Bockenheim campus of the university and in Frankfurt's Nordend. These popular districts are well connected and offer a high quality of life.

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You would like to make an appointment for a visit or a conversation with us directly? We look forward to your call or e-mail!

Our properties in Kassel are in prime locations.

For example, the residential and commercial building at Neue Fahrt 11 / Opernstraße 6 in Kassel. On 2,442 m² you will find gastronomy, modern office space as well as apartments with a high standard - partly with a unique view over Kassel.

Frankfurt am Main is a university city and a lively business location with a high quality of life. Our houses are located in the popular Frankfurt districts of Westend, Nordend and Bockenheim. You can find out more about our rental apartments in these residential districts close to the city center on the Waitz Immobilien website.