Holding & Developing

We are looking for new companies

To expand the group of companies, we are looking for additional companies that we want to keep and develop in the long term. The following profile defines a framework from which we can deviate in individual cases.


Machinery and plant engineering: The product or product range should include machinery or plant that enables the customer to manufacture something or provide a service for its customers.

Customer structure

B2B: The economic usefulness of our product should be in the foreground. We consider it advantageous if the largest customer has a share of no more than ten percent of the company's total sales.


We would like the users of the product to be familiar with the brand or company name and directly associate it with its quality and usefulness.

Company Structure

The company must hold extensive knowhow on the product and its manufacture and be recognized for this. We attach importance to the fact that the expertise for the products including patents is in the company. In the event that the vertical range of manufacture is low, neither product expertise nor manufacturing expertise should be in the hands of one or individual suppliers, on whom there is thus dependence. Any existing licensing agreements would be examined very critically by us.


The market should have potential, either because of its size or because of its expected development. International orientation is desirable. Furthermore, we would like to be as independent as possible from political decision-making processes.


In the medium term, sales of 20 to 30 million euros should be achievable. In the event of a takeover, the turnover should be greater than five million euros.

Our commitment

The goal is to acquire 100 percent of the company. In the case of a succession plan, a gradual takeover could take place; it must be the clear goal and be completed within a few years (for example, three). We personally take an active part in day-to-day operations, at least in the early years. We do not rule out taking over turnaround cases, provided we see the necessary potential in the market.


Since we assume that our personal involvement will also be required in operational terms, at least in the early years, accessibility plays a role for us. We are aiming for locations in the area around Kassel and Frankfurt am Main (postal codes 3 and 6).


If you are interested, please contact us: 

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