Focus on Agriculture

The Winterbüren Administration

The Winterbüren estate has been in the family since 1783 and today also manages the arable land of the Waitzrodt estate, which was established by the family around 1800. Both estates together cover about 400 hectares and are used for agriculture and forestry. In addition, the farmland of other owners is managed as a service. At the moment we are in the conversion phase to an organic farm according to the requirements of the organic farming association Naturland.


In addition to arable farming, 50 hectares of forestry land are managed, as well as extensive crops of Christmas trees.

During the Advent season, the sale of Christmas trees (also for self-cutting) enlivens the farm with events for families and companies.


The cultivation of organic elderberry has a tradition of more than thirty years at Gut Winterbüren.

In addition to marketing the berries for dyeing, the sale of the blossoms has become increasingly important in recent years. Our partners process the blossoms into syrup, vinegar, oil as well as homeopathic medicines.

How to reach the administration of Winterbüren

Gutsverwaltung Winterbüren
34233 Fuldatal-Rothwesten

Phone 05607 511
Fax 05607 7804


Winterbüren is a pure arable farm. In addition to common cereals such as wheat or rye, we also grow rapeseed, sugar beets and peas.

In addition, we produce elderflowers and berries, aronia berries, soybeans and this year, for the first time, biorape.

Teamwork is very important in our agriculture. Always supported by helpers, our Winterbüren core team is constantly on the job: from planting the Christmas trees, to harvesting the elderflowers, to cleaning up the soybeans. 

Sheep are important helpers on our organic fields. They graze the fields with catch crops. In this way, the growth is utilized as fodder and the nutrients come directly back to the soil. A sustainable and living cycle.